A Simulation of Scientific Teams Wisely Using the Ocean Planet's Inner Space Habitats

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Students dive into an ocean of information as members of FISH (Federation for Inner Space Habitats) working on the New Atlantis project. They work in jigsaw groups to solve undersea survival problems and design two-or three-dimensional workstations that illustrate their solutions. Each team member focuses on a specific mission for the federation such as cleaning up ocean pollution or exploring hydrothermal vents. CLAM, a radical mining group, is hot to stop the project, but students can decipher clues to fend them off. By successfully beating CLAM, weathering Fate Cards and sharing their problem-solving essays, teams declare mission accomplished in their oral presentations. As outlined 15 class periods, however suggestions for shortening are included. Grades 4–8. Interact.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 4–6

Common Core correlations, Grades 7–8Interact1

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