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By the end of this unit, students will be able to: discuss the techniques Wiesel uses to convey character and character relationships; analyze the use of literary elements like first-person narration, foreshadowing, suspense, and rhetorical questions; understand the distinction between Night being a memoir instead of a piece of fiction; discuss how Wiesel’s style contributes to the dramatic development of the narrative; demonstrate a literal, personal, interpretive, and critical understanding of the text; analyze character dialogue to guide interpretation of a character’s thought process; analyze the characters of Eliezer, and his father, and their relationships to each other; explain the importance of the title as a symbol throughout the narrative; explain the central conflicts in the narrative, and explain the nature of the internal and external conflicts with which Wiesel copes; understand how the decisions characters make affect their lives; and explain the escalating dehumanization process the Nazis imposed on the Jews. 123 pages. ©2006.

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