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Three programs on one disc show how communities can resist racism and prejudice by proclaiming, "Not In Our Town!"
  • Not in Our Town I. In Billings, Montana, when vandalism and violence by white supremacists threaten local Jews, Native Americans, and blacks, the painters’ union paints over racist graffiti, crowds turn out for anti-hate rallies, a human rights watch committee forms, and the local newspaper prints a full-page Menorah that 10,000 families display in solidarity. 27 minutes. ©1995.
  • Not in Our Town II. In additional stories, a Klan rally in Kokomo is countered by a diversity celebration; Fayetteville’s citizens support victims of hate crimes, and Southern church burnings spur action. 56 minutes. ©1996.
  • Not In Our Town Across America shows how a national anti-hate movement was sparked by the inspiring story of Billings, Montana, residents standing up for their neighbors. 9 minutes.

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Total time: 94 minutes

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