Cooperative Learning Activities Which Help Students Design and Create Pop-up Books and Cards

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Self-esteem and cooperation skills increase as students learn to construct and display their own pop-up books. Working in cooperative groups, students convert fairy tales or other familiar stories into script form. Group members edit each other’s scripts, which when broken into scenes become individual pages or spreads. After examining commercially made pop-up books, students try their hand at “paper engineering,” and also bind and laminate the final product. Housed in a three-ring binder, the unit provides complete procedures (for three skill levels), reproducible handouts (including a detailed techniques guide and graphic organizers), and suggestions for curriculum connections. The full project runs for 20 class periods. Grades 3–9. Interact.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 3–5

Common Core correlations, Grades 6–9intla Interact1

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