Tools, Tips, and Techniques

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By Jim Burke. An award-winning high school English teacher shares his 100 best techniques for teaching reading. Anchored in national reading standards, half the tips are exercises designed to challenge your best students and support struggling ones. The other 50 tips are brief practical descriptions of strategies teachers can use to establish a classroom reading culture, proven techniques for effectively teaching students working at diverse levels of capability, and assessment tools (including six methods for evaluating your own teaching). Among the book’s 43 appendixes: bibliography, suggested resources, glossary of literary terms, reproducible templates for graphic organizers, and an idea bank of 103 additional student activities. Grades 10–12. Index. Boynton/Cook, Heinemann. 401 pages. ©2000.

“Carol Jago confirms her place among a select group of classroom teachers whose writing has transformed professional discourse and the teaching of English in our time….My advice to you is to read this book and be grateful for the colleague you find in it.”
—Sheridan Blau (from the Foreword)</blockquoterwss

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