ROLE-PLAYING U.S. HISTORY: Reconstruction to 20th Century


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Eleven open-ended simulations put students in the midst of critical junctures in American history as they engage in activities such as discussing the various viewpoints on Reconstruction, reenacting a 1921 labor strike, or gaining world power through alliances and colonization. Other activities include a historical creative writing assignment, WWII debates, a Cold War simulation, Vietnam War peace talks, and a "Hippie Day" festival. Two bonus activities focus on 20th-century slang and historical "what-if" questions. Lessons are correlated with Common Core and national standards. Time required: 1–4 class periods.

“Di Giacomo has convincingly pointed out that simulation games provide real, authentic learning and that learning is most likely to occur when students are engaged in the material and, most importantly, when they get the chance to do something rather than simply passively receiving information. Simulation games involve students in active decision making and help them see the consequences of good and bad decisions.”
—from Essentials of Middle and Secondary Social Studies

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This title is part of the series: ROLE-PLAYING U.S. HISTORY: Reconstruction to 20th Century


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