A Simulation to Motivate Reading Interest Through Investigation, Decoding, and Critical Thinking

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A series of clues based on commonly available books sparks a treasure hunt around school, drawing students into the books’ plots, settings, characters, and themes. Having deciphered the clues, student groups create "products" showing they have solved each book’s mystery (e.g., making a key for the cupboard for The Indian in the Cupboard), which they present to designated adults for verification. In the optional second phase, groups create and present their own clues for books chosen from a different list. The 16-page student guide provides rules, clues, and a project evaluation sheet, while the teacher’s guide gives procedures, group progress charts, reproducible handouts, and additional product suggestions keyed to Bloom. The main simulation runs 5–10 class periods, but can be easily compressed; phase two’s length is completely flexible. Grades 4–8. 8½" x 11". Interact.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 4–6

Common Core correlations, Grades 7–8intla Interact1

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