An Adventure Simulation Using Spelling and Language Arts Skills



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Students inherit a map from an elderly wizard, and in cooperative-learning teams, journey to a castle full of gold atop Treasure Mountain. By scoring well on spelling tests, displaying good behavior, and participating in activities involving creative writing, identifying parts of speech, and alphabetizing, they move along the trail. Groups utilize decision-making skills to spend wisely on supplies. Working toward the title of Wizard, students gain gold and acquire special powers from Fate Cards, or have the misfortune to be sent backward. The teacher’s guide furnishes procedures, handout masters, assessments, and multilevel activities. Sixteen-page student guides include activities, game-specific information, a map, progress chart, and self-evaluation forms. Unmodified, the simulation runs for 10 class periods but may be truncated. Grades 3–8. Interact. 2009 revised edition.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 3–5

Common Core correlations, Grades 6–8intla Interact1

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