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This game helps children successfully navigate a parental separation or divorce. Players start with a sundae cup game piece, and as they answer questions, they begin to collect six parts of a sundae, which each represent and teach an important coping skill—Bendable Banana (flexibility), Cool Down Ice Cream (calming techniques), Ooey Gooey Feelings (managing upset feelings), Rainbow Sprinkles (looking for positives in their daily lives), Nutty Nuts (talking out problems), and Cheerful Cherry (promoting a favorable attitude toward the future). The player who collects all the parts wins. The box includes a spinner, six decks of cards, a rule sheet, seven signs and stands, a facilitator’s guide, five sundae cards, and a bag of sundae parts. Grades 1–6. Players: 2–5. Franklin Learning Systems. ©2009.

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Grades K-6