A New Literature Experience for Children

GRADES 4–6 (128 pages, ©1998)


   Order Code: GDY532    ISBN : 9781596472402
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By Gretchen Courtney and Sarah Jossart. The teacher, playing the role of a park ranger, takes an "accident report" to find out what students know about that nasty fall taken yesterday by Humpty Dumpty. Developing similar strategies for engaging students’ imaginations, these two books encourage students to respond to stories by discussing and analyzing story elements as preparation for writing or acting out scenes. In addition to each book’s step-by-step directions for staging 30 or more story dramas based on specific popular books, both books train teachers to develop dramas for their own favorite literature. Grades K–6. Indexes. Illustrated. 8½" x 11". Good Year.

Sample pages from the K–3 version


Sample pages from the 4–6 version

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Grades K-3
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Grades K-3
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