How to Stamp Out Bullying at School and in the Classroom

3 DVDs (widescreen)


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3-part program for students, teachers, and parents

Host Keith Deltano uses his stand-up comedy style to show students what they do, why they do what they do, and how to change their behavior. This award-winning former teacher’s three-part program provides anti-bullying training for students, teachers, and parents. The segment for teachers (74 minutes) uses colorful anecdotes to illustrate simple but powerful techniques for transforming classroom culture. The program for parents (47 minutes) teaches "how to bullyproof your teen" through supportive communication patterns. For students, comedy clips (54 minutes) define four forms of bullying—physical, verbal, exclusion, and online—and challenge young people to stop judging each other by appearance, speech, economic status, or any other label. An online resource guide explains how to use the videos as a source of lift-out lessons or as a complete program. Note: The parent program includes an instance of profanity. Grades 7–12. Color. 175 minutes. TMW Media. ©2015.

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Grades 7-12