Quantum Physics vs. Relativity



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Historic photos and footage take viewers back to the arguments of early 20th-century physicists—especially Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein—as they puzzled over the strange implications of double-slit experiments and the wave/particle conundrum. Animated and real-world experiments join commentaries by today’s leading physicists to explain (and critique) David Bohm’s quantum mechanical view of entanglement’s "spooky action at a distance" and Hugh Everett’s "many worlds" interpretation. Advanced students. Color. 59 minutes. ©2004.

“This DVD provides a detailed overview of the main arguments of quantum physics during the twentieth century. It features clear examples, archival footage, and interviews with various scientists who support both sides of the issue and provides excellent explanations of the various arguments put forth by Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr regarding the nature of matter. The film would be an excellent way for a physics teacher to introduce quantum mechanics.”—NSTA Recommends (National Science Teachers Association)

“The film is well-organized and well-executed. It begins with an engaging summary and then circles back to cover who the key players were, what they believed, and why it matters now. Primary sources such as voice recordings, newspaper clippings and direct quotes…lend the content a sense of immediacy, and the scientists who provide context speak with clarity, precision and passion…. The strength of this film lies in its ability to convey the richness of the process through which science advances…. The Copenhagen Interpretation is recommended for students in senior high and college because it will give them a glimpse of the process of scientific development. It is so engaging that it may even inspire them to participate in the process themselves.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

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