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The American presidency has become much stronger than the framers of the Constitution, who feared concentrated power, envisioned. Over the years, presidents have expanded on the powers granted them by the Constitution. The fact that the president is chosen in a national election and is the sole head of the executive branch has enabled this expansion of the office. As the scope of government activities has increased, so have the duties of the executive branch and the presidency. In addition, unlike early chief executives, modern presidents see trying to lead Congress as an integral part of their job.

Learning objectives:

  • Discuss how and why the presidency has expanded since its creation.
  • Explain how presidents have changed the way they deal with Congress.
  • Describe the four systems of presidential election the nation has used and explain how each gives more influence to the people than the last.
  • Understand how the electoral college works and how it affects candidates’ strategies.
  • Describe the role of money and the media in the presidential selection process.
  • Discuss what positions the president fills through appointment and identify the advantages and disadvantages of the current appointment system.
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