A Critical Response to Fundamental Questions



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This sober, informed collection of essays exposes and counters the popular narratives that shape Americans' thinking about politics and define for many what being an American means.

Chapters concern topics such as the religious bent of the Constitution’s Framers, divining original intent, the separation of powers, protections against the tyranny of the majority, socialism, American exceptionalism, America’s "mission" in the world, and the efficiency of unfettered markets.

The Mythology of American Politics addresses several important myths that have become staples of American democratic discourse. There are large and learned tomes about many of these myths, but none supplies the succinct summaries and syntheses that Bookman provides in his well-written, engaging, and accessible book, which makes an important contribution to the clarification—and perhaps even the resolution—of contemporary controversies over the American founding and its modern meaning.”
—Terence Ball, professor of political science, Arizona State University

“Many thoughtful Americans are dismayed by the ideological combat that passes for debate over fundamental issues like America’s place in the world, the place of religion in our national life, and the nature and purpose of our democracy. John Bookman’s The Mythology of American Politics will begin to dissolve that dismay. His fine and intelligent book explores the deep structural assumptions of American political life with an eye toward exploding pervasive and long-standing myths and replacing them with a probing exploratory conversation about their meaning for the nation and its citizens.”
—Cal Jillson, professor of political science, Southern Methodist University

“Never mind church and state. Bookman separates myth and reality. An important set of essays for Americans to read and ponder.”
—Benjamin Ginsberg, Bernstein Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

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