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Detailed but visible from the back of the room, this set of 32 full-color maps covers world history in depth.

This set of 45″h x 50″w Complete World History Maps are printed on durable, tear resistant stock markable/wipeable with most wet-erase markers. The maps come on spring rollers attached to backboards designed for hanging from a map rack or a one-inch map rail (required). Individual roll-down maps are also available, and map sets are available as flip charts (not roll-down maps) on tripods.

Students who learn by doing are the most likely to retain their new-found knowledge. Bring the educational benefits of play into the classroom with Nystrom’s hands-on markable wall maps. Wall maps have been an important part of social studies classrooms for over a hundred years. As maps become more and more digital, make sure students have the learning power of a physical wall map at the ready in their classrooms.

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The following subsets are also available:

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