In Search of Ourselves...and Happiness

3 DVDs


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An intimate exploration of the human need for emotional health and fulfillment

Social psychologist and Harvard professor Daniel Gilbert heads this intimate exploration of the universal human need to lead an emotionally healthy and ultimately fulfilling life. By no means a how-to or self-help series, the programs instead examine the intersection of cutting-edge research and therapeutic approaches with eminently relatable real-life examples (e.g., the husband and wife who can’t communicate, the college student afraid to fly, the starving artist who won the lottery). Each of three programs focuses on a seemingly broad yet closely related collection of topics: Family, Friends & Lovers on attachment, autism, bullying, and romantic relationships; Facing Our Fears on stress and anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, and addiction; and Rethinking Happiness on concepts of happiness, resilience, meditation, forgiveness, and connection. Location footage, computer imaging, and historical films merge with commentary by experts in the field, celebrities, and regular people with everyday issues to offer insight. Grades 9 and up. Closed captioned. Color. 344 minutes. PBS. ©2010.

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Grades 7-12



Run Time

344 minutes