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By Walter A. Hazen. Fascinating historical articles—four or five pages long, 11 in each book, and reproducible for easy distribution—summarize main points and deliver colorful, memorable details about major aspects of U.S. history. Following each illustrated article, three or four reproducible worksheets test comprehension and spark deeper engagement through creative writing, projects, research starters, critical thinking questions, what-if scenarios, and other activities. Topics: foot, horse, and canoe; roads and canals; riverboats and sailing ships; wagons and carriages; railroads, streetcars, and bicycles; automobiles, trucks, and buses; bridges and highways; balloons and biplanes; steamships and atomic-powered vessels; modern airplanes and jets; and rockets and space shuttles. Grades 4–8. Suggested readings. Answer keys. 8½" x 11". Good Year.

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8½" x 11"


Good Year


Grades 4-9
Grades 4-9



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