Supreme Court Cases for and About America's Students



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A professor of constitutional law at American University presents this dynamic casebook on issues directly affecting young people.

Cleared of “legal underbrush” but retaining critical points, cases are fully briefed, including extensive excerpts of majority opinions and “Dissenting Voices” sections providing context for minority opinions. Abundant discussion questions dovetail with background articles, thumbnail bios of pertinent justices, and research projects. Appendixes include the Constitution and a simulation on how nominees are confirmed.


“What a radical idea!! School students should be encouraged to study and understand the U.S. Constitution. Maybe school authorities also might understand it, and start emphasizing some of its core values-like due process and freedom of speech. Professor Raskin’s book fills a huge hole in the literature that ought to be available for the most important generation in our country-the generation that will be asked to take charge of our freedoms in the very near future.”
—Abner J. Mikvam, former U.S. Chief Judge (Retired), United States Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, former White House Counsel and former U.S. Congressman.

We the Students is a high-quality, challenging resource which will make the study of the U.S. Constitution come alive in the classroom. Jamin Raskin has captured the inherent value and appeal of using actual U.S. Supreme Court cases that have had and will continue to have an impact on the daily lives of high school students. The suggested activities are deeply imaginative and will certainly provoke student interest. Key cases such as Tinker v. Des Moines (freedom of speech), Goss v. Lopez (procedural due process), T.L.O. v. New Jersey (search and seizure) and twenty-seven others are used to explore the rights and responsibilities of students. This text is both teacher and student friendly. As an experienced teacher of law related courses I would certainly recommend this text to my social studies colleagues.”
—Rick Theisen, Social Studies Classroom Teacher, Osseo High School, Minnesota former U.S. Chief Judge (Retired), United States Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, former White House Counsel and former U.S. Congressman

“I have been deeply concerned to find students graduating from high school and even college without having read the United States Constitution. Typically, students (and even teachers) think the foundation of our country consists of dull legal language that doesn’t directly impact their life. Professor Raskin has found a way to put an end to such regrettable ignorance with We the Students: Supreme Court Cases for and About America’s Students. It shows young people (and reminds all of us) that their rights, their way of life, and indeed sometimes their very life, can depend on this one very remarkable document: The Constitution of the United States.”
—Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children’s Defense Fund

“A model textbook. I wish there were more like it.”
—Gary Wills, former Henry R. Luce Professor of American Culture and Public Policy at Northwestern University, author of Inventing America and Lincoln at Gettysburg

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