AP* Literature Teaching Units

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By the end of this unit, students will be able to: analyze the characters of Catherine, Heathcliff, Hindley, Nelly, Edgar, Isabella, Hareton, Cathy, and Linton and their relationships to each other; identify and explain the impact of the frame narrative structure and shifting point-of-view on the story; discuss Bronte’s use of dialect and analyze its function in the story; analyze the importance of literary elements such as foreshadowing on the development of the plot; examine and explain the role of social class in the novel and its effect on various characters; identify the motifs of doubles, windows, and weather throughout the novel and explain their significance; explain the ways in which the novel does and does not meet the characteristics of Romantic literature; identify in what ways the novel does and does not fit into the Gothic genre; discuss the role of women in the 19th century as portrayed in the novel, and analyze how the novel comments on these roles; identify the various forms of love throughout the novel and analyze the effects of the various types; analyze the theme of revenge throughout the novel and its impact on each character in the story; discuss the role of the supernatural in the novel and the purposes it serves; evaluate the focus on death in the novel and explain its impact on various characters and the plot; and analyze the importance of the physical setting to the novel and explain how it contributes to the plot and various themes. 116 pages. ©2006.

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