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For thousands of years, stories have served to make connections between events. These units draw on the power of storytelling to help students engage in problem solving, gain knowledge and understanding of the world, and understand concepts they may have trouble grasping in traditional social studies curricula.

The units allow students to immerse themselves in a story of their own creation that includes real places and events. Using portfolios to read, write, research, and complete other activities to demonstrate their learning as they proceed through the unit, students consider settings and characters and then role-play and make critical decisions concerning the events of the story. Content cards provide focused nonfiction content and reading tips to deepen understanding of the unit’s content. The episodes are designed to take 2–6 hours (each complete unit takes 4–6 weeks) and can be modified to fit your classroom needs. A complete digital unit includes a teacher’s handbook, digital activities, and content slides.

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