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Games designed to motivate students to learn about U.S. history by involving them in historical events and allowing them to make decisions.

May be played on several levels, from simple to more complex and realistic versions. Players: 2–entire class. Time: 1 or more class periods.

This full set includes:
Famous Explorers
Colonial Economy
Chisholm Trail
Great Crash Stock Market
American Immigration
Steel Empire
American Economy 1793-1822–PART 1
American Economy 1823-1860–PART 2
Battle of Lexington
Famous Inventors
Causes of The Civil War
Causes of The Cold War Pt I
Causes of The Cold War Pt II
Causes of The Cold War Pt III
Famous Presidents Part I
Famous Presidents Part II
Causes of WWII Part 1
Causes of WWII Part 2
Causes of WWII Part 3
Critical Decisions/George Washington
Critical Decisions/Thomas Jefferson
Critical Decisions/Lincoln 1860-62
Critical Decisions/Lincoln 1862-65
Critical Decisions/Theodore Roosevelt
Critical Decisions/Woodrow Wilson
Critical Decisions/Harry Truman
Critical Decisions/John F Kennedy
Critical Decisions/Harrison-Pierce
Critical Decisions/FD Roosevelt

Subsets in this series:

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This title is part of the series: U.S. HISTORY CLASSROOM GAMES


8½" x 11"


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